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Rapid Enrollment for bulk patient onboarding within the system

  • Swift patient registrations via EHR integration and CSV uploads.
  • Secure mass patient consent with digital signatures via email & text.

Live Vitals Feed Empowers Proactive Care

  • Real-Time Vitals & Alerts at Your Fingertips
  • Instant vital review and necessary actions notifying patients.

Choose the Devices That Meet Your Needs

  • Already integrated with more than 25+ device vendors.
  • Support cellular and bluetooth devices and per need.



Instant Eligibility Checks and Enroll Quickly with Digital Consent

Quick patient registration

Effortless Bulk Onboarding with eCareMD

Import patient information directly from EHR.

Upload thousands of patients in click uploading CSV file.

Conduct a virtual initial health assessment through telehealth.

quick patient registration image

Identify Eligible Patients

Rapid enrollment with digital consent

Auto-qualify eligible patients for the RPM program

Secure digital consent via Email and Text

Effortlessly assign care teams and develop personalized care plans

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Seamless device setup with vitals and alert configuration

Device connectivity

Seamlessly device connectivity and data transmission

Supports 100+ Cellular and bluetooth based Devices

Encrypted health information to ensure secure vitals transmission

Establish schedule for vital tracking with threshold values

remote patient monitoring devices supported by eCareMD software

Vitals to be track

Configure vitals and alerts

Effortlessly select, order and assign RPM devices

Notify caregivers by configuring alerts

Personalize Your Notification Preferences

Patient measuring blood pressure with RPM devices

Vital analysis

Insightful Dashboards with Comprehensive Easy-To-Understand Patient Data

Web and Mobile patient portal with comprehensive representation of patient vitals

Smooth Navigation and Patient Vitals Interpretation with an Intuitive & User-friendly Design

User-friendly design for easy navigation and tracking of patient vitals for physicians and providers.

Identify and Highlight Vital Trends, Patterns and Changes Over Time

Patient-centric dashboards with comprehensive easy-to-understand data vitals to identify trends, patterns and changes in patient health.

Share Critical Insights Among Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Secure and real-time patient-provider communication features to share crucial insights and enable timely interventions.


Live vital feed

Capture all vital readings at fingertips via the live feed

Prioritize New Vital Signs for Faster Insights

Pay attention for at risk and critical vital signs

Review Vitals and Notify Patients Proactively

Patient secure messaging with real time health update and care intervention

Advanced vital dashboard

Vital Trends Guide Better Care Decisions

Day-Long Vitals Analysis for Personalized Care

Peaks and Dips Reveal Trends and patterns with better insights

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Robust Vitals Reports

Patient secure messaging with real time health update and care intervention

Vital analysis

Boosting Patient Engagement for better patient satisfaction


Quick Communication channels and notifications for Optimal Care delivery

Two-Way Calling and texting with Auto Transcription & Recording

Redirect high-risk patients to specialized providers and provide on-the-go personalized education materials

Send custom reminders and alerts to patients for vital check-in via email, text and push notifications.

Patient secure messaging with real time health update and care intervention

Reports & Billing

Easy & Accurate Reimbursement with Automated Billing

Billing and claims tab for easy billing process in eCareMD

Auto Assign CPT Codes

Improve accuracy of billing procedure with automatically assigning the required CPT Code.

Compile Monthly Billing Reports

Automatically generate billing reports to timely file and claim reimbursement.


Care Plan Follow-up

Optimize billing, revenue, and compliance with automated processes.

Automated time tracker continuously logs activities and qualifies billable patients based on time records.

Auto Time Log for Incoming Platform Calls and outside platform activity

Monthly audit: Comprehensive patient health overview. Billing report is versatile, configurable, exportable to PDF, CSV, XLS for convenience.

Care Manager filling the audit log to track practice efficiency

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HIPAA Compliant

eCareMD transforms patient management with a secure, HIPAA-compliant care coordination platform, ensuring unparalleled protection for sensitive health information.

Mobile App

eCareMD Mobile App now gives your patients and medical staff easy access to care facilities.


Gain clear insights and optimize patient care with our robust reporting feature. Generate customizable reports tailored to your needs, providing real-time data visualization and in-depth analytics.


eCareMD is a unique care coordination software that creates a secure ecosystem for your practice with multiple layers of encryption for enhanced security.

Live Support

Empower your practice with a care continuum and do not disrupt your workflow with our 24/7 customer support.

Audit Logs

Enhance your security in operations, administration, and functioning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Remote patient monitoring is a platform that enables healthcare providers to track patient health remotely using various types of medical device by collecting their vital signs.

  1. Early detection of future health complications.
  2. Improved preventive care that reduce ER visits.
  3. Reduction in hospital readmission rates.
  4. Improved patient engagement delivers quality health care.
  5. Reduced healthcare cost since.
  6. Comprehensive vital data empower informed decision making.

  1. Patients having multiple chronic conditions such as diabetes,hypertension,heart failure and many more.
  2. Patients recovering from surgery or hospitalization.
  3. Patient who living in rural areas having geographical barriers to obtain healthcare services.

  1. Vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation).
  2. Weight and activity levels.
  3. Blood sugar levels.
  4. Sleep patterns.
  5. Medication adherence.
  6. Educational content.

Every vital sign has their normal range varying based on patient health,if patients' vitals are not in normal range , then the system generates the alert. Those alerts can be medium or high alert based on configurations.

RPM software can be integrated with any EHR software using FHIR apis or Rest apis.It allows healthcare professionals to exchange patient demographics,clinical information and their vitals signs bi-directionally.

Remote patient monitoring is one of the major aspects of healthcare technology space.As per compliance requirement every healthcare software should be HIPAA compliant ensuring robust security measures to protect patient data, including encryption and access controls.

Only authorized healthcare providers with your consent can access your data.It includes your referring providers and care team that assigned you to track your health remotely.

The cost of the software can vary depending on the features and functionalities offered.

Due to the rising popularity of RPM services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced some new reimbursement rules and other major changes in 2023. Earlier, providers were allowed 20 minutes of RPM service per patient per month. However, CMS now allows providers to bill an additional 20-minute increment of RPM services per patient per month with the new billing code 99458.

The reimbursement structure for RPM reimbursement is as follows:

  1. 99453 - For initial setup configuration of RPM devices (one time per device)($19).
  2. 99454 - For the RPM devices provided for daily monitoring ($56).
  3. 99457 - For 20 minutes for RPM service ($52).
  4. 99458 - Billed along with 99457 for an additional 20 minutes of RPM service ($40).

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