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Exclusive Benefits of eCareMD's Chronic Care Management Platform

Bulk Patient Onboarding for Rapid Enrollment

Quick patient registration with EHR integration and CSV uploads to CCM program

Secure and easy patient consent with digital signature via email or text for automated chronic care management

Speedy care team assignment and personalized care planning within the care plan software

Integrated Communication Channels for Better Patient Engagement

One-platform with two-way communication channels within care management software

Streamlined scheduling for better practice management and timely patient care with care coordination software

Instant updates with push notification directly from the care coordination app

Comprehensive Platform Dedicated to Elevate Patient Care

Customized condition-specific templates to curate patient-centric care plans in care plan software

Easy patient engagement and education for improved health outcomes with chronic care management solutions

Value-based care through continuous monitoring and timely interventions for enhanced patient outcomes through care manager software

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Instant Eligibility Checks and Enroll Quickly with Digital Consent

Effortless Bulk Onboarding with eCareMD’s Care Management Software

Import patient information directly from EHR into CCM software

In a click, upload thousands of patients from CSV file directly to chronic care software

Conduct virtual initial health assessment through telehealth integration from CCM software

Software dashboard showcasing patient registration in CCM program

Secure Digital Consent from CCM Software for Rapid Enrollment

Qualify patient for CCM Program automatically with automated chronic care management

Send consent to multiple patients in a click from the care coordination software

Get consent signed digitally via email and text from enrolling patients in CCM program

eCareMD workflow tab with electronic patient consent to enroll new patients.

Patient-centric Template for Holistic Care Planning

Patient Charting & Documentation Management

Predefined Condition-Specific Care Plan Library as Care Management Solutions

1. Curate holistic care plans within care plan software easily for effective chronic disease management

2. Multi-element care plans to ensure optimal patient health outcomes

3. Intuitive interface for easy customization within the chronic care management platform

One Click Care Plan Assignment

1. Select and configure care plan as per patient need within the care plan software

2. Develop measurable and non-measurable goals for holistic care in chronic care management software

3. Predict risks and assign appropriate medication from the care coordination software


Personalized Care Planning for Better Outcomes and Happier Patients

Quick revamp of patient care plan and health review

Timely care plan review and updates from the CCM software

Documenting the progress of goals and overcoming barriers from the care manager software

Assess chronic disease severity with condition questionnaire for effective care management

eCareMD mobile application with care plan features and patient progress tracking

Evaluate Physician-Approved Care Plans with Clinical Support

Get secure physician-approved care plans within the chronic care software with digital signatures

Monthly physician reviews and progress notes for enhanced care with care management solutions

Precise medication management improves adherence and tracking with care plan software

Care manager monitoring patient health emphasizing on auto time locking feature

Experience a Connected Healthcare Journey

Billing and claims process in the eCareMD software

Quick Communication channels for Optimal Care delivery

1. Two-Way Calling with Auto Transcription & Recording

2. Two-way Texting Makes Non-Face-to-Face Care Easier

3. Send Secure & Encrypted Bulk Emails and Texts at Scale

Make caregivers more comfortable with continuous notifications

1. Custom call scheduling & reminders

2. Access & Share Personalized Education Materials On-the-Go

3. Get Timely Health Insights with Quick Assessments

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HIPPA Compliant

eCareMD transforms patient management with a secure, HIPAA-compliant chronic care management software, ensuring unparalleled protection for sensitive health information.

Mobile App

eCareMD Care Coordination App now gives your patients and medical staff easy access to care facilities.


Gain clear insights and optimize patient care with our robust care management software feature. Generate customizable reports tailored to your needs, providing real-time data visualization and in-depth analytics.


eCareMD is a unique chronic care management software that creates a secure ecosystem for your practice with multiple layers of encryption for enhanced security.

Live Support

Empower your practice with a care continuum with automated chronic care management and do not disrupt your workflow with our 24/7 customer support.

Audit Logs

Enhance your security in operations, administration, and functioning with eCareMD chronic care management solutions audit logs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Chronic care management is a program the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed. It is designed for people suffering from two or more chronic conditions in the past twelve months. These conditions have the potential to cause severe harm or death. Physician Practioner, Non-physician practitioners, physician assistants, and certified Nurs can offer these services. CCM services are mostly non-face-to-face patient consultations and monitoring services. They can be billed for at least 20 minutes of provider time spent.

Some of the Examples of chronic conditions that can be managed in CCM but aren’t limited to

  1. Asthma
  2. Cancer
  3. Cardiovascular disease
  4. Depression
  5. Diabetes
  6. Hypertension
  7. Infectious diseases like HIV and AIDS CPT

Physicians and Non-Physician Practitioners can provide CCM services and be billed for the same. Below are some examples of CCM service providers other than Physician.

  1. Certified Nurse Midwives
  2. Clinical Nurse Specialists
  3. Nurse Practitioners
  4. Physician Assistants

Chronic care management services can be primarily managed over the phone and video calls. The provider can bill these non-face-to-face consultations once they complete min 20 mins spend for each patient.

Yes, Part B of Medicare covers CCM. It indicates that Medicare will cover 80% of the cost of the service. You will be responsible for a 20% coinsurance payment. If a visit costs $50, you will pay $10; Medicare Part B will cover the remaining $40.

Research has revealed that 117 million adults suffer from at least one chronic condition. Of those, a quarter have two or more chronic conditions. To manage those chronic conditions and provide better health outcomes to those people, CMS introduces the Chronic Care Management program.
Healthcare professionals can provide better care to patients by offering CCM services. Patients can get quality non-face-to-face services without the hassle of regular office visits.

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