Maximizing Efficiency: The Impact of eCareMD on Patient Enrollment and Care Coordination


Healthcare, CCM


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Background

A leading healthcare provider group in the United States, specializing in providing chronic care services with an employee base of 2000 providing services in the primary care specialty. The client focuses on providing quality treatment for patients with the use of advanced technology and effective care coordination among healthcare professionals.

Business challenges

The client was using an EHR platform for managing and providing services to patients with chronic diseases. The client has identified a patient population of more than 10,000 patients. Out of those, many patients have chronic conditions, and they require precise care coordination services to manage their chronic diseases.Some the challenges faced by the client are:

    1. Patient Creation & Enrollment Delays

With the existing platform, the client has to create, invite and enroll patients manually which takes more time and reduces provider efficiency.

    2. Patient Communication Challenges

The client’s existing software does not have built-in functionalities like voice calls, video calls, and text messages to patients. Because of this care providers were not able to communicate with patients.

    3. Difficulties in getting signed consent and storing them

The client faces difficulties in getting signatures on consent forms and needs to keep those within practice physically which costs time and manual effort.

    4. Ensuring Timely Patient Follow-Up

The client was unable to take regular health follow-ups of patients as the software missed the communication facilities and health assessment functionality.


The client has approached Medarch INC for a CCM platform that can fulfill all requirements to provide quality CCM services to patients. Our team of Business Analysts and subject matter experts took multiple calls and demonstrations to identify the requirements of a client and started working to fulfill the requirements and bridge gaps wherever required.

After the client's go-ahead, our team implemented the eCareMD platform of Medarch INC, which consists of advanced technology and a patient-centered approach to managing patients' chronic conditions. That results in increased revenue for the provider.

Solution Highlights

The Ecare MD platform provides various features that help a more patient-centered approach and contribute to providing high-quality care to patients.

Below are some solution highlights demonstrating how ecareMD addresses client challenges and problems:

    1. Quick Patient Enrollment

    CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) guidelines have specific criteria for patient enrollment in CCM programs. Quick enrollment is beneficial for both patients and care providers as patients can avail of care services early and maximize reimbursement opportunities for healthcare providers.
    For quicker enrollment of patients, we have implemented two functionalities mentioned below:

    • Bulk creation of patients

      The eCareMD platform enables care providers to create bulk patients within the platform by uploading the CSV file. The CSV file contains all the details of the patient, such as demographics, program eligibility, type of consent, etc. With this functionality, the provider has been able to create thousands of patients within seconds and it significantly reduced the time spent on manually creating patients one by one.

    • Bulk invite to patients

      To invite and send a consent to multiple patients, we have a provision by which providers can select the patients, attach assessments that have to be completed and consent to be signed and send the email to every selected patient. Once the patient completes the assessment and signs the consent, the provider will be able to enroll the patient into the CCM program with a single click by reviewing the signed consent.

    2. Patient-Provider Communication

    Our platform enables care providers to continuously get in touch with patients to treat them closely to avoid health complications and gain patient confidence.

    The eCareMD platform allows you to schedule calls with patients and send text messages and emails. Using these communication features, care providers can be notified easily and resolve the alerts generated due to changes in patient vitals. Care coordination within the care team can also be improved, resulting in improved quality of care for patients.

    3. Digital Signature

    As per the CMS guidelines, it is mandatory to obtain consent from the patient before enrolling them into the CCM program. Also, providers need to keep the consent as proof in case any legal complications arise.

    The eCareMD platform provides the functionality for patients to sign the consent they received digitally. This signature represents the patient’s acceptance for participation in the CCM program. These signed consents can be stored within the platform, and the care provider can use them as evidence in case of any legal complications.
    Digital signatures enable real-time access to signed documents, providing instant visibility to authorized personnel and reducing delays in care coordination.

    4. Assessment

    Before providing chronic care services to patients, it is important to assess/evaluate the health condition of the patient to provide required and accurate care for speedy recovery.

    Assessment plays an important role in documenting the patient's health information. The eCareMD platform enables care providers to assess thousands of patients by sending the assessment as per the health condition of the patient with the consent form while inviting the patients to enroll in the CCM program.

    These assessments can be stored in the platform and enable care providers to identify the patient's health condition, which helps them make informed decisions about patient health.

Value Delivered

    1. Time-saving Registration of Patients

    The eCareMD platform enables care providers to create thousands of patients within the platform in a few seconds by uploading the CSV file. This functionality reduces the time spent manually creating patients and saves administrative tasks.

    2. Quick and Transparent Onboarding of Patients

    The eCareMD platform has enabled care providers to send invites to thousands of patients who have chronic conditions and are eligible to participate in the CCM program.
    This smooth flow of enrolling patients within the program saves time in inviting every single patient and reduces the manual work.

    3. Enhanced patient-provider communication

    with eCareMD's scheduling, texting, and emailing capabilities, facilitating prompt responses to patient needs and improved care coordination within the team.

    4. Increased patient engagement and satisfaction

    The eCareMD platform enables care providers to interact with patients and customize the care plan as per their health requirments which results in increased patient engagement and satisfaction.

    5. Enhanced Security and Compliance

    Implementation of a digital signature ensures a secure and tamper-proof method for validating patient consent. Compliance with healthcare regulations is strengthened, contributing to the overall integrity and confidentiality of patient information.