Automated CCM Workflow: A Case Study on How eCareMD Software Enhances Practice Performance and Eliminating Staff Burnout


Healthcare, CCM


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Background

The client is based out of Maryland, with a mission to provide the highest standard of cardiovascular care through compassion, medical expertise, and commitment to excellence. Their prime goal is to benefit the community by providing the full spectrum of cardiac services that modern technology has to offer.

They have physicians and highly qualified staff, providing guaranteed cardiac treatment that is both comprehensive and educational. They are completely dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of their patients by accommodating patients and striving to ensure that each experience is prompt, personal, and convenient.

The client has around 15000 patients with cardiovascular illness and limited staff to manage their daily visits and emergency visits. Providers faced many workflow obstacles in providing quality care to their patients. Hence, their management decided to identify patients more than 65 years old and with medicare part B insurance to provide CCM services.

Business challenges

To manage those patients effectively, the client has reached out to Medarch Inc. for eCareMD - Chronic Care Management Software. The existing process was driven by challenges despite implementing a reputed EHR Practice Fusion to manage their daily patient records. Some of the challenges faced by the client are:

    1. Limited Availability of Practice Staff

The client faced the problem of managing a higher patient population, as the existing system was incapable of managing more patient care activities.

    2. Consumption of More Time for Patient Creation and Enrollment

While providing services, the staff had to manually create and enroll patients within the software, which consumes more time and reduces practice efficiency.

    3. Identification of Eligible Patients for CCM

The existing software was incapable of identifying the patients eligible for the CCM program automatically.

Because of the huge number of patients, they wanted to export all their patient records from EHR into customized CCM software and identify patients with a minimum of two chronic conditions from the last year to enroll them quickly into the CCM program.

The client was specifically looking for smooth patient onboarding for multiple patients within a short time with fewer staff requirements. They also wanted to establish communication channels to eliminate outside platform activities and allow automated time logs without manual intervention.


To understand client-specific requirements, our team of business analysts and subject matter experts started conversations with clients to elicit more requirements, understand their existing workflows, and create a roadmap that states how to incorporate those requirements into the eCareMD CCM platform.

Our team has done all the configurations required to fit the software as per client requirements. We have done bidirectional EHR integrations with Practice Fusion EHR to exchange patient records, configure bulk invite flow, secure two-way texting, voice calling to enhance patient engagement, automated timer to track each patient's activity, and more features that can solve more of the client's problems.

Below are some major feature highlights that help clients enhance their practice performance, smoothen enrollment, secure patient engagement, and optimize patient care with minimum staff burnout.

    1. Bidirectional EHR Integration

    Our team of interoperability has successfully integrated with practice fusion, which clients previously used to manage their clinical operations and telemedicine. Using this integration, clients get a provision to access EHR by eCareMD and the ability to push or pull all patient information, which helps clients quickly create their existing EHR patients into an eCareMD platform.

    2. Quick and Easy Bulk Patient Uploading

    Our team strongly believes in saving providers time and converting it into productive patient care. We have implemented a provision to upload thousands of patients with a single click by uploading a CSV, XLS, or CCDA exported file from any EHR, which supports all kinds of patient data such as demographics, insurance, clinical, and patient history.

    3. Automated eligibility tracking

    Based on the onsent date,and number of chronic conditions the patient has our eCareMD software automatically tracks the best eligible program for the patient.It makes easier for care providers to enroll the patients within the correct program that resulted into more improved patient health outcomes and saves time of care provider.

    4. Bulk Inviting Patients with Assessment and Consent Form

    We enable clients to manage the patient enrollment process more smoothly for multiple patients simultaneously. We successfully implemented a bulk invite feature by which clients can send initial or routine health assessments to selected patients along with a consent form to sign digitally. This feature saves providers time when sending assessments and consent for individual patients.

    The encrypted consent form received by each patient will be specific to that particular patient and comply with all security and privacy guidelines. This feature eliminated most of the manual tasks and brought transparency to the process and services being provided by healthcare providers.

Value Delivered

    1. Time Savings for Healthcare Providers

    The bulk patient invite functionality minimized the manual work associated with sharing consent with patients and enabled care providers to concentrate more on care and interventions.

    2. Efficient Onboarding of Patients

    The faster and more efficient onboarding process for a large number of patients accelerates the initiation of care management services and saves time and resources.

    3. Secure and HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

    The embedded communication channel adheres to high security and privacy standards, including HIPAA compliance, and mitigates the risk of unauthorized access, protecting sensitive patient information.

    4. Transparent Documentation

    eCareMD brought transparency in recording the time spent on each patient interaction or care-related activity. Along with that, it also supports accountability and documentation for compliance purposes, reducing the risk of disputes.