Enhanced Provider Efficiency: A Case Study on How the eCareMD Software Has Increased Provider Efficiency


Healthcare, CCM


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Background

The US-based client provides healthcare services to patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The client aims to provide high-quality patient services to the patients with their medical expert staff, passion, and advanced technologies.

The client has around 3000 patients enrolled in the CCM program and was providing continuous care to the patients.

Business challenges

While providing services to the patients with the existing digital healthcare platform, the client identified some loopholes within the platform that resulted in difficulties in efficiently managing CCM services with improved outcomes.

Because of a lack of functionality to complete the practice operations efficiently within the software, the providers were unable to do multiple activities to manage patients and hence lost the reimbursement amounts from the insurance company. Some of the challenges faced by the client are:

    1. Excessive Time Consumption for Patient Creation and Enrollment

The client faced challenges in efficiently enrolling patients in the chronic care management (CCM) program. Also, obtaining consent leads to the consumption of manual time and creates delays in program initiation. Due to this, the client lost numerous opportunities to earn maximum reimbursement.

    2. Inefficient Time Tracking for Care Management Activities

For the activities carried out over the patient profile, the client needed to log the time manually, which led to inaccuracies and complexities in billing. Due to this, the client could not log maximum time and lost the reimbursement amount from insurance companies.

    3. Manual Scheduling of Patient Calls

The chronic care management program requires continuous interaction and completion of activities over the patient profile. Due to the lack of recurring call functionalities, the care team members needed to manually schedule a call on a daily basis with the patient, which resulted in the consumption of manual time and effort.

    4. Tedious Assignment of Assessments and Educational Materials

The customer found the procedure of assigning assessments and sharing educational materials with patients to be time-consuming and inefficient. This manual activity raised the administrative load while also impeding timely patient education and involvement, reducing the effectiveness of care management efforts.

To overcome the challenges mentioned above, the client was looking to replace a new CCM platform through which the care providers can complete multiple tasks efficiently with minimum manual entries and earn more reimbursement from insurance payers.


To understand and fulfill the client's unique requirements, our team of business analysts and subject matter experts had multiple virtual interactions and demonstrations with the client. Upon completion of requirement gathering and getting approval from the client, the team implemented the eCareMD platform of Medarch INC, which incorporates advanced technology and a patient-centered approach to managing patients' chronic conditions.

Our team has achieved successful implementation of bulk patient enrollment workflows, automated time tracking, recurring call scheduler, and a remote patient health assessment and educational platform.

This implementation of the eCareMD platform resulted in reduced manual time spent on administrative activities and more monitoring and interaction time with patients. Thereby, the client has achieved significant growth in revenue from the insurance company.

Solution Highlights

The eCareMD platform consists of various advanced technology-based features that promote the effective management of patients to reduce the manual time spent on activities.

Some solution highlights are given below that demonstrate how ecareMD addresses client challenges and problems.

    1. Bulk Creation of Patient and Invitation

    With a larger patient population, the practice receives more reimbursement from insurance companies. Here, it becomes difficult and time-consuming to enroll each patient manually in the software and obtain consent to enroll in the single program one by one.

    The eCareMD software enabled the functionality of creating thousands of patients by uploading a CSV or CCDA file exported from EHR with a single click. Also, it allowed care providers to send consent to multiple patients with just a single click. This results in a reduction in manual time spent on creating and getting patients enrolled in CCM and increases the efficiency of the provider and practice.

    2. Automated Time-Tracking Functionality

    In optimizing the chronic care management of patients, efficient time tracking is crucial. With eCareMD software, care providers could seamlessly initiate time tracking with a click on the patient profile, triggering automated tracking.

    Furthermore, upon completion of an activity, a user-friendly pop-up window appears, allowing care providers to effortlessly select the activity and log the time spent with just a single click. This streamlined process significantly minimizes manual efforts, ensuring maximum accuracy in time logging and providing a more efficient workflow for care providers.

    3. Recurring Call Schedule Feature

    The eCareMD software helps care providers schedule recurring calls with the patients daily, weekly, and monthly for multiple tasks and care plan management reviews, as well as to resolve alerts, etc. This schedule functionality reduces the manual time intervention on scheduling calls with patients daily.

    4. Bulk assigning assessments and educational material

    To evaluate patient health status and empower patients about lifestyle recommendations, assigning assessments and sharing educational material with them is important. Assigning these assessments and educational materials one by one is a complicated and time-consuming task.

    The eCareMD software makes it easy for care providers to send educational material and assessments to multiple patients in seconds with just a few clicks. This helped reduce the manual time spent and improved the provider's efficiency.

Value Delivered

    1. Reduction in Manual Time Spent on Patient Activities

    The eCareMD software helps care providers manage more patients with the help of features like automated time tracking, bulk patient creation, and invite. This helps in reducing time spent on manual activities and increases consultation time.

    2. Increased Revenue for Practice

    Care providers can spend time on patient treatment activities and log the maximum time. This logged time helps in earning the maximum reimbursement amount from insurance companies.

    3. Improved Patient Satisfaction

    Care providers can continuously interact with patients using the eCareMD’s scall schedule functionality and perform treatment activities. This increased time spent by providers on patient profiles results in improved quality of care and thereby increases patient satisfaction.

    4. Increased Patient Awareness and Treatment Adherence

    As the care providers send the educational materials to the patients, it helps them understand the lifestyle, diet, and exercise recommendations. This increases the patient’s awareness of chronic conditions and improves treatment adherence.