Enhancing Patient Care Journey: eCareMD’s Personalized Patient-Centered Care Approach - A Case Study


Healthcare, CCM


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Background

A Texas-based client aimed to provide preventive care to patients suffering from diverse chronic conditions. The client focuses on improving patients' lives with medical expertise, and cutting-edge technologies.

The client had enrolled 5000+ patients to obtain CCM services, and the client wanted to focus on delivering continuous, ongoing care to the patients with a patient-centered approach.

Business challenges

The client serves a higher patient population using the CCM software. The client has been using the software for a long time and realized that it is difficult to provide individualized care to each patient as per their health status.

Since the client has been using the software for a long time, the client recognized the importance of individualized and customizable care for each patient.

While using the software, the client encountered some challenges that hampered personalized care delivery to patients and ultimately reduced patient satisfaction and engagement. Some of the business challenges faced by the client are:

    1. Care Plan Customization and Termination

As per the changes in patient health, the care plans need to be updated or changed. The existing software of the client does not allow these activities to provider which results in improper delivery of care to the patient.

    2. Difficulties in Assigning Care Plan

The diversity in chronic conditions made it difficult for the care provider to assign the most appropriate care plan to the patient as per the chronic condition with the use of existing software.

    3. Monitoring Care Plan Progress

Continuous monitoring and tracking of patient health progress is essential for achieving expected outcomes. Due to the lack of Progress monitoring functionality in their software solution, the entire care journey and delivery was disrupted.

    4. Comprehensive Care Plan Reporting

The existing software provided individual care plan reports but did not include all activities done over the patient profile. The incomplete care plan reports hampered the billing process, directly affecting the reimbursement and revenue cycles.

    5. Patient Engagement Hurdles

The client struggled to effectively educate patients about chronic conditions and lifestyle recommendations, hindering patient empowerment and adherence to care plans.

The key requirement was to streamline their CCM services with feature-rich CCM software, which included quick care plan assignment and creation, patient engagement, patient health progress evaluation, and a comprehensive report generation facility.

To resolve this issue, the client approached Medarch INC. for eCareMD software to streamline the workflow of practice and increase clinical efficiency.


To understand the client's exact business challenges and requirements, our team of business analysts and subject matter experts took multiple calls and demonstrations with the client. Upon completion of requirement gathering and getting approval from the client, the team then implemented the eCareMD platform of Medarch INC., which incorporates advanced technology and a patient-centered approach to managing patients' chronic conditions.

The implementation of the eCareMD platform in the client’s practice has given some significant benefits, such as an increased customer satisfaction rate, reduced provider time spent on manual activities, and increased reimbursement amount for the client.

Solution Highlights

The eCareMD platform offers numerous features that facilitate a more patient-centered approach and contribute to providing high-quality care to patients. Below are some solution highlights demonstrating how eCareMD addresses client challenges and problems:

    1. Accessibility to Customize a Care Plan

    Curating care plans for each patient is difficult and time-consuming. Using Medarch INC’s eCareMD software, providers could create hundreds of care plans for various chronic conditions and store those in the software database as a library. The client has the feasibility to edit the care plan that promotes customization as per the health condition of the patient.

    This consolidated template brought easiness in curating care plans and helped providers to spend time on treatment activities.

    2. Automatic Care Plan Suggestion Based on Patient Conditions

    Chronic conditions are diverse and have a broader range in terms of numbers. Hence, assigning an exact care plan matching the chronic condition became difficult.

    Medarch’s eCareMD software tracks the patient’s chronic condition and suggests the most suitable care plan to assign for the patient’s recovery. Within the Software, the care plans are aligned with the chronic conditions, reducing the manual time spent searching for the correct care plan.

    3. Care Plan Progress Evaluation

    Once the care plan is assigned, it is important to track the health progress of the patient to avoid health complications and to understand the modification requirements in the care plan.

    The eCareMD software enabled care providers to evaluate the patients’ progress by tracking the goals, barriers, and interventions. The care providers could simply mark the goals as ‘Pending’, ‘In Progress’, or ‘Achieved’. Similar for barriers and interventions as resolved, pending, and in progress or closed.

    Based on the evaluation, the healthcare providers can update the care plan for the patient to overcome the issues and improve the results.

    4. Comprehensive and individualized care plan report generation

    A care plan report is crucial for billing purposes and sending it to patients taking treatment for chronic conditions.

    For patients with multiple chronic conditions and care plans assigned, the eCareMD software provided the feasibility of comprehensive and individualized care plan report generation with the ability to email it to patients.

    This functionality helped care providers generate care plan reports as per the requirement.

    5. Patient Education and Empowerment

    To deliver preventive care, it becomes important to educate the patient about their chronic condition and lifestyle recommendations to be followed.

    The eCareMD software provides the feasibility to healthcare providers to send educational material and the assigned care plan that educates patients about diet, exercise recommendations, lifestyle routines, goals, barriers, interventions, medications, etc.

Value Delivered

    1. Efficient Custom Care Plans

    With Medarch INC’s eCareMD software, providers could easily customize care plans for diverse chronic conditions, saving time and promoting patient-centric treatment. The ability to store and edit plans streamlined the workflows, enabling providers to focus on patient care activities.

    2. Improved Treatment Accuracy and Efficiency of Practice

    Automated care plan suggestions based on chronic conditions have streamlined healthcare providers' workflow, reducing manual search time. This improved treatment accuracy and enhanced overall practice efficiency.

    3. Improved Patient Outcomes

    Evaluation of care plan progress (goals, barriers, and interventions) at regular intervals helped care providers understand the critical concerns to modify the care plan as per the results to improve patient outcomes.

    4. Increased Patient Awareness and Engagement

    Features like sending educational material and care plan reports of eCareMD software helped patients know about their chronic conditions and recommendations to follow. It significantly improved patient awareness and adherence to the treatment plan.

    5. Improved Adherence

    Customizing care plans by the healthcare providers as per the patient’s lifestyle, schedule, needs, and health goals increases patient adherence to the treatment plan.