eCareMD Software: Transforming Hypertension Management through Remote Monitoring


Healthcare, RPM


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Background

The client is a prominent US-based organization specializing in hypertension management. The organization operates multiple clinics across South Carolina, with a team of experienced specialists dedicated to providing top-notch services for managing hypertension in patients. Due to the organization's growth and commitment to delivering high-quality care, the client is seeking chronic care management software that supports remote patient monitoring.

Business challenges

The client faced significant challenges while providing chronic care management services using the EHR software. Some of the challenges are

    1. Difficulties in informed decision making

The client’s software lacked the functionality of trends and statistics for changing blood pressure readings. Hence, the client was not able to view the track changes in patient health, which created difficulties for care providers in making prompt decisions over patient profiles.

    2. Real-time monitoring of patient health vitals

Continuous monitoring of blood pressure is crucial to manage patient hypertension. However, the client’s software was not integrated with a remote patient monitoring device, which resulted in difficulties in tracking the patient’s blood pressure in real-time.

    3. Unavailability of health evaluation functionality

Due to limitations in the software, the client was unable to effectively evaluate the patient's health progress over time. This led to a lack of awareness among care providers regarding the patient's health condition, making it challenging to customize care plans accordingly.

    4. Challenges in patient engagement and treatment adherence

The client encountered challenges in maintaining patient engagement and adherence to the treatment plan due to communication barriers and limited accessibility to patient treatment information.


To address these challenges, the client approached Medarch Inc for eCareMD software, enabling remote patient monitoring. To comprehend and fulfill client requirements, our team of business analysts and subject matter experts conducted multiple calls and demonstrations. After a thorough understanding of all requirements, our team successfully implemented the eCareMD software in the client's practice. Post-implementation, the client has witnessed a substantial increase in reimbursement amounts and an improvement in patient satisfaction ratios.

Solution Highlights

The eCareMD software uses cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality of care to patients and ensures better health outcomes.

    1. Data-driven decision making

    With the help of eCareMD software, care providers can view trends and changes in patient's blood pressure readings. This enables care providers to make informed decisions based on the collected data. As per the requirement, care providers can customize the care plan to result in improved health outcomes.

    2. Continuous monitoring of blood pressure

    Remote patient monitoring is vital as it enables continuous collection and transmission of patients' health vitals. The eCareMD software integrates with a smart blood pressure monitor device that continuously monitors patients' blood pressure. The device is connected to Bluetooth or wifi and transmits those readings to the care provider’s eCareMD software.

    3. Monthly Progress Evaluation

    To obtain better health outcomes, it is important to regularly evaluate patient health and make necessary modifications as required. The eCareMD software provides functionality to take monthly updates on the care plan. The care provider calls the patient and makes monthly updates about goals, barriers, symptoms, vitals, medication, etc. These updates help to understand patient health better and customize care plans to obtain better health outcomes.

    4. Patient Portal

    To enhance patient engagement and treatment adherence, eCareMD software provides a mobile application. Through this application, patients can schedule appointments and communicate with care providers via SMS, chat, and voice call functionality. They can also access their care plans and educational materials and view trends and changes in blood pressure. This educates patients about the lifestyle routines and treatment plans necessary for achieving better health outcomes.

Value Delivered

ECareMD software provides various benefits that help achieve better health outcomes and patient satisfaction. Some of the key values delivered are

    1. Early Detection of Trends

    The eCareMD software identifies trends and fluctuations in patients’ blood pressure promptly, allowing for early detection of potential issues and timely intervention for care providers.

    2. Proactive Intervention

    Healthcare providers can proactively intervene based on real-time data, minimizing the risk of complications and emergencies.

    3. Improved patient health outcomes

    As the care providers were able to evaluate patient health continuously, they were able to make customizations in the patient's treatment plans. This patient-centric customized treatment approach improved patient health outcomes.

    4. Improved patient engagement and treatment adherence

    The patient can view their vital reading, trends, and fluctuations using the patient portal. Also, they could view the scheduled appointments, access educational materials, care plans, and education reminders, and communicate with care providers. This resulted in improved patient engagment and treatment adherence.