A case study on how eCareMD software helps increase patient engagement and care coordination


Healthcare, RPM


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Background

A Texas-based healthcare provider, the client offers telemedicine, billing and medical coding, and charge-capturing services through current systems.

Business challenges

With emerging trends in remote patient monitoring and high demand for home-based care, the client has identified the need to implement remote patient monitoring software within their practice.
The client has faced some business challenges while using the EHR software to manage chronic patient conditions. Some of the challenges faced by the client are

    1. Difficulties in obtaining patient consent

The client had pulled out patient data from EHR software and identified that a huge count of patients could be enrolled in the RPM program. However, because of the software limitations, the client was unable to reach out to all patients and convince them to participate in the RPM program. Because of these challenges, the client has lost significant revenue as the enrolled patient count has not increased.

    2. Difficulties in identifying eligible patients

As the client had pulled out patient data from EHR software, the client was unable to find out if the patient was eligible for the RPM program. Due to this issue, the client was not able to enroll multiple patients in the RPM Program.

    3. Difficulties in sending consent to multiple patients

With existing EHR software, the client was unable to send consent to multiple patients at a single time, making it difficult to enroll multiple patients. That resulted in a reduced patient count.

    4. Lack of communication facilities

The client’s existing EHR software lacked the functionality of making instant calls, text messages, or scheduling calls. This resulted in the poor engagement of patients with treatment plans and clinical staff, which affected the quality of care and patient health outcomes.


To understand the client's requirements, our team of business analysts and subject matter experts took multiple interaction calls and demonstrations with the client. After the client's approval, our team implemented eCareMD software in the client’s practice.

Solution Highlights

The eCareMD software comprises advanced technologies that deliver effective healthcare services to patients. Some of the critical features of eCareMD software are:

    1. Secure Communication for patient enrollment

    To deliver healthcare services to more patient eligible for various CMS programs, it is important to obtain their consent first. For getting patients enrolled in the program the eCareMD software provides functionality that care providers can communicate with patients using the platform. This communication before enrollment helps care providers in achieving patient’s confidence.

    2. Automated eligibility tracking

    Based on the patient’s health data, the eCareMD software automatically tracks the eligibility of patients and displays various programs in which patients can enroll like CCM, RPM, BHI, TCM, AWV, etc.

    3. Bulk invite functionality

    The eCareMD software enabled care providers to select multiple patients and send them consent to participate in the remote patient monitoring program. It helped care providers send invitations to multiple patients.

    4. Instant and schedule call functionality

    To maximize patient engagement and interaction between the care team and practice staff, eCareMD software provides functionality to make an instant call to patients for daily, weekly, and monthly chart reviews, physician reviews, prescription refills, etc. Also, care providers can schedule daily, monthly, or weekly calls with patients for routine checkups and feedback.
    Using the call functionality, care team members can discuss the patient's health status, progress, modifications to be made in the care plan, etc.

Value Delivered

    1. Increased count of enrolled patient

    Using the eCareMD software, a care provider can enroll a single patient in multiple programs like CCM, RPM, BHI, TCM, AWV, etc. It results in increased revenue for the practice.

    2. Increased consultation time

    Features like bulk invite, bulk enroll, and bulk SMS to patients reduced the manual time spent on providers' administrative activities and increased consultation time with patients. This results in improved patient care.

    3. Effective care coordination and patient engagement

    The eCareMD software’s secure communication features, like instant and scheduled call and send SMS functionalities, improve the care coordination between care providers and patient engagement.

    4. Increased practice efficiency and revenue

    The eCareMD software reduces manual work and time spent on enrollment processes, giving care professionals more time to accomplish other activities that eventually help them earn the highest reimbursement amount.