Enhancing Patient Care: A Case Study on How eCareMD Software Enhanced Patient Care Using Remote Patient Monitoring


Healthcare, RPM


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Background

The client is a prominent healthcare provider based in Alaska. The client was providing healthcare services in the primary care specialty. The client has more than 1500 patients enrolled to obtain chronic care management services using EHR software.

Business challenges

The client utilized EHR software for patient management but observed limitations in delivering high-quality, patient-centered care. While using the software for managing patients, the client faced some challenges like

    1. Lack of Customization in Care Plans

    The client struggled with delivering personalized care plans tailored to each patient's unique health condition and needs. Without customization options, care plans were generic and did not effectively address individual patient requirements.

    2. Inconsistent Health Assessments

    The client faced challenges in conducting regular health assessments to evaluate patient progress and adjust treatment plans accordingly. Inconsistent assessments led to gaps in patient monitoring and hindered the ability to identify health complications early.

    3. Limited Patient Engagement

    Engagement with patients was limited due to inadequate tools for communication and access to health information. Without a patient portal or interactive features, patients lacked the ability to actively participate in their care and stay informed about their health status.

    4. Insufficient Alerting System

    The client struggled with a lack of customizable alerts and notifications to monitor patient health vitals effectively. Without a robust alerting system, care providers were unable to receive timely notifications about critical changes in patient health, leading to delayed interventions.


To overcome the barrier the client has approached Medarch Inc for eCareMD software that supports remote patient monitoring and helps deliver more patient-centred care. To understand the business challenge and fulfill requirements our team of business analysts and subject matter experts took multiple interaction calls and demonstrations with the client.
After various discussions and the client’s approval, our team has implemented eCareMD software in the client’s practice. Post implementation of software client has achieved significant growth in patient engagement and satisfaction.

Solution Highlights

The eCareMD software consists of various features that enable care providers to deliver more patient-centered care and customize the entities as per requirement. Some of the features are

    1. Customized Care plan as per patient’s health condition

    To obtain expected health outcomes, assigning a care plan that fits the patient's health requirments becomes essential. The eCareMD software allows care providers to create and store care plans for each chronic condition as per the patient's health status. Also, care providers can customize the care plan if needed. These patient-centered care plans ensure more patient-centered care for patients.

    2. Regular health assessments to evaluate patient health

    Chronic care treatment is an ongoing process and takes a longer duration. The eCareMD software helps in evaluating patient health and making necessary changes in the treatment plan ensuring improved health outcomes and resolving health complications. It also helps keep patients adhering to the treatment plan as the care providers give necessary suggestions.

    3. Patient Portal

    Ensuring patient engagement and accessibility to treatment information is important. The eCareMD software’s patient portal helps care providers access their vital health readings and care plan information, review notes, and receive reminders for alerts, medications, scheduled appointments, etc. This access to information keeps the patient engaged and adheres to the treatment plan. Also, using the patient portal, patients can communicate with the care team through voice calls, text messages, etc.

    4. Customizable alerts and notifications

    The eCareMD software enables care providers to specify the range of values based on the severity of the alert to be generated. If the patient's health vitals exceed the threshold level, an alert is generated based on the severity and is sent to care team members, allowing for early treatments and the identification of potential diseases.

Value Delivered

    1. Improved patient health outcomes

    Customized care plans based on the patient’s health condition resulted in improved patient health outcomes.

    2. Increased patient engagement and treatment adherence

    Features such as telecommunication, sending educational materials, and the patient mobile application have facilitated patients' access to vital health information, fluctuations, scheduled appointments, care plans, and medication reminders. As a result, patient engagement has significantly increased.

    3. Increased revenue for practice

    Increased patient engagement shows patients participated in the program for a longer duration. Due to this maximum activities can be done by care providers over patient profiles which results in maximum time logged and ultimately increased revenue earned for practice.

    4. Early intervention and identification of potential diseases

    Features like Alerts and notifications, customized care plans, and regular health assessments enable care providers to understand the changes in patient health that result in modification of care plans and early intervention to resolve critical issues.