A Case Study on How eCaredMD Helped in Cost Savings and Revenue Generation Through Remote Patient Monitoring


Healthcare, RPM


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Background

The client operates a medium-sized clinic through which the client offers a diverse range of chronic care services to the patients. The client was focusing on highly effective, coordinated healthcare delivery while maximizing operational efficiency and financial sustainability.

Business challenges

While managing patients physically through the traditional clinic, the client has faced some challenges. The challenges faced by the client are:

    1. Rising Healthcare costs

Managing patients’ chronic conditions requires a prolonged duration and can be a costly affair for patients and providers too. Managing more patients physically includes costs like wages for staff, practice maintenance, physical documentation and accessories costs, transportation costs for patients, costs associated with medicines and clinical equipment, etc. These costs were getting difficult for the client to manage.

    2. Limited revenue streams

As the client was managing patients through a traditional clinic setting, that puts limitations on revenue generation as the traditional service models don’t pay maximum reimbursement amounts.

    3. Increased rate of patient hospital readmission

With limited practice staff, the client was not able to monitor each patient's health in real-time, which led to delays in providing preventive care to patients. It resulted in an increased rate of hospital readmission for patients that hampered patient satisfaction.


To overcome these barriers, the client was striving for cost and resource optimization to enhance the patient experience and healthcare delivery. Hence, the client has approached Medarch Inc. for eCareMD software, which enables remote patient monitoring using cutting-edge technologies and tools.

To understand the client’s exact requirements, our team of business analysts and subject matter experts took multiple interaction calls and demonstrations with the client. Upon understanding all requirements and receiving approval from the client, we implemented the eCareMD software in the client’s practice.

The client has earned the maximum reimbursement amount with minimal operational costs after implementation.

Solution Highlights

Our eCareMD software consists of advanced, cutting-edge technologies and remote monitoring tools to improve the quality of healthcare services delivered to patients.

    1. Integration of telecommunication capabilities

    The eCareMD software integrates with teleconsultation, which helped care providers to virtually consult patients, provide them with treatment plans, review their assessments, daily vitals, etc. It helped patients take consultations from home, which reduced physical hospital visits and transportation costs for patients. Also, it reduced the provider's associated costs with practice maintenance and staff management.

    2. CMS reimbursement model fitted clinical operations

    By using the eCareMD software, the client was able to perform the required various clinical activities over the patient profile, i.e., vital review, 16-day device reading, and automated and manual time log of activities. With a variety of performed activities, the client was able to log maximum time and thus received maximum reimbursement from the insurance company.

    3. Continuous vital tracking dashboard

    Our eCareMD software integrates with remote monitoring tools like blood pressure monitors, smart glucometers, weight scales, and pulse oximeters, etc. These devices remotely monitor the patient's health vitals and transmit the vital readings to the care provider’s eCareMD software.
    Based on the vital reading displayed, the care provider takes necessary actions if vital go beyond threshold levels. This preventive approach reduces patient health complications and emergency visits. It ultimately reduced patient hospital readmission rates and the costs associated with it.

Value Delivered

    1. Reduction in healthcare costs for providers

    With the implementation of eCareMD software, the client was able to manage patients using telecommunication capabilities that resulted in lower healthcare costs for practice maintenance, medical staff expenditure, etc.

    2. Increased reimbursement amount

    Using the eCareMD software, the client was able to perform multiple activities over the patient profile and log maximum time. That resulted in a maximum reimbursement amount for the client.

    3. Reduced patient hospital readmission

    As the care providers were able to provide more preventive care to patients using the eCareMD software features like a real-time vital tracking dashboard, alerts and notifications,regular periodic assessments etc. It resulted in reduced patient health complications and ultimately reduced hospital readmission rates.

    4. Increased patient satisfaction and engagement

    Features like teleconsultation, alerts, and notifications help patients receive effective, coordinated care at home. It resulted in increased patient satisfaction and engagement.