How eCareMD software helped medication adherence in diabetic patients


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Client Background

Based in Virginia, the client is a prominent healthcare provider providing primary care services to patients. The client is committed to providing value-based, effective patient care with their medically experienced staff and passion.

The client has implemented a chronic care management program and provided chronic care services to diverse patient populations. In the primary care category, the client has provided treatment to patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure.

Business challenges

While providing chronic care services to the patients, the client has identified that there is a huge patient population suffering from diabetes and not adhering to medications as prescribed.

The main reason behind the non-adherence of diabetic patients towards medicine is the cost of medicines, side effects of medicines, lifestyle modifications, and dietary changes to be followed.

Because of these patient concerns, the client could not keep the patient engaged in the CCM program for a longer duration, which resulted in a loss of reimbursement amount because of insufficient time logged.

Here are some of the business challenges the client has faced:

    1. Low medication adherence

As the diabetic treatment takes a prolonged duration, the patients did not take prescribed medicines. Hence, the client could not keep the patient adhering to the medication plan. This low medication adherence leads to the following:

  • Poor blood sugar control

    The uncontrolled blood sugar level has increased the complications in patient’s health, such as blindness, kidney disease, etc.

  • Increased hospital readmissions and emergency visits

    Inconsistency in taking medicines as prescribed leads to an increase in blood sugar levels that results in hospital readmissions and frequent emergency visits to practices.

    2. Inadequate patient-provider communication

With existing chronic care management software, the client could not make instant calls and schedule calls to patients for clinical reviews, appointments, medication reminders, prescription refills, etc.
This inability to make calls through the platform resulted in low patient engagement and hampered the quality of healthcare delivery to patients.

    3. Lack of real-time vital monitoring

The client could not track patient health vitals in real-time, such as Blood glucose, which resulted in delays in the detection of potential diseases,delayed provider interventions, and increased hospital readmissions and emergency visits of patients.


The client has approached Medarch Inc to implement a remote patient monitoring program using the eCareMD software to improve patients' medication adherence and obtain better health outcomes with increased patient engagement.

To better understand the business challenges and client requirements, our team of business analysts and subject matter experts held multiple interaction sessions and demonstrations with the client. Upon approval from the client, our team has implemented the eCareMD software into the client’s practice.
The eCareMD software has some key features that addressed the client’s business challenges are:

    1. Connectivity of smart continuous blood glucose monitoring devices

    The eCareMD software integrates with smart blood glucose monitoring devices that consistently track the blood glucose level of patients and display real-time patient health data in the provider’s software.

    2. Secure Mobile application

    The eCareMD’s secure mobile application helps patients track/view their blood sugar levels at home. It enables patients to view their blood sugar trends and historical data. Receive personalized medication reminders and educational materials on diabetes management.

    3. Telehealth consultations

    The eCareMD software enables telehealth/virtual consultations, including voice and video calling functionality. Using this functionality, the care provider can review and consult patients for a review of blood sugar data. Addressing patient’s concerns and providing ongoing support.

    4. Real-time patient health vital dashboard

    As the integrated blood glucose device monitors the patient’s blood glucose continuously, the patient's blood glucose data is reflected in real-time on the provider's live data dashboard.
    It enables care providers to track changes in patient health and make necessary interventions on time to avoid further health complications.

Value Delivered

    1. Improved medication adherence

    The use of eCareMD’s patient portal allows patients to receive real-time blood glucose vitals, medication reminders, and secure communication facilities with care providers, helped in improving the medication adherence of patients.

    2. Reduction in hospital readmissions and emergency visits

    The real-time live vital tracking dashboard of eCareMD software enabled care providers to track changes in patient health and make necessary interventions if the vital go beyond threshold levels. It helped care providers to reduce patient’s hospital readmissions and emergency visits.

    3. Increased patient confidence and engagement

    Telehealth consultations have enabled care providers to consult and communicate with patients virtually, increasing patient confidence. Patients can easily reach out for health-related queries and concerns, fostering regular two-way communication. This enhanced communication leads to increased patient confidence and engagement with their treatment plan.

    4. Improved health outcomes for patients

    The features of eCareMD software, such as sending educational material, teleconsultation, and medication reminders, improved patient health outcomes.