Patient-Centric Care with Care Coordination Software - eCareMD Case Study


Healthcare, Care Coordination


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Client Background

The client, a leading healthcare provider based in Virginia, is deeply committed to patient care. Operating a network of hospitals specializing in cardiovascular health, the client has diligently managed numerous patients over a significant period using EHR software and the expertise of a dedicated team of medical professionals.EHR software and with the help of a few medical professionals.

Business challenges

Despite their best efforts, the client faced significant challenges in delivering patient-centered care and achieving the desired health outcomes. The existing EHR software proved to be a barrier, making it difficult to provide the level of personalized care they aspired to.

Some of the business challenges the client faced are:

    1. Care plan customization as per patient health requirements

The client’s existing EHR software has inbuilt care plans for various chronic conditions. However, the challenge is that care providers won't be able to customize them according to the patient's health requirements. This inability to customize the care plan has affected personalized care delivery and the respective patient health results.

    2. Patient health evaluation

Assessing patient health at each stage is crucial in the chronic care management of patients. Ignorance of patient health assessment can cause adverse effects on their health. Due to the software limitation, the client was unable to assess the patient’s health. This has affected preventive care delivery and, subsequently, patient health outcomes.

    3. Challenges in care plan progress tracking

Once the care plan has been assigned to the patient, care providers must review it at specified intervals. The client’s EHR software does not allow care providers to review the care plan progress, so they were unaware of the patient's health status and modified the care plan as required.


Recognizing the need for a more effective care coordination solution, the client, with their extensive patient management experience, approached Medarch Inc. for eCareMD software. Our team engaged in multiple discussions with the client to fully understand their requirements. Upon receiving the client's final approval, we swiftly implemented the eCareMD software into their practice.

Following the implementation of eCareMD software, the client witnessed a significant improvement in patient health outcomes, a testament to the software's effectiveness.

Solution Highlights

The eCareMD software comprises advanced technological features that enable obtaining the expected patient health outcomes.

Some of the key features that addressed the client’s challenges are:

    1. Patient-centered care plan

    It is crucial that every aspect of patient health is addressed to obtain the expected patient health outcomes. The eCareMD software enabled care providers to create and store care plans for each condition. As per the patient’s chronic conditions, the software automatically suggests the appropriate care plans available in the database. Also, as per the patient's health needs, the care provider was able to customize it. This resulted in obtaining the expected health outcomes of patients and addressing their health needs.

    2. Assessments to evaluate patient health

    Keeping the patient health evaluation as a priority, the eCareMD software enabled care providers to send the assessments to patients and analyze their health conditions using the responses. Through telephone conversations with the patient, the care providers were able to submit the assessment. These assessments helped care providers understand the patient's health needs and prioritize the requirements.

    3. Care plan progress

    Care plan progress image

    As chronic conditions require a long time to treat, it is crucial to track the patient's health progress regarding the care plan assigned. Features like monthly care plan review and care plan progress tracking help care providers understand the patient’s health progress as goals are achieved, barriers are resolved, vitals progress, etc.

Value Delivered

    1. Improved patient health outcomes

    With the implementation of the eCareMD software, the client witnessed a significant improvement in patient health outcomes. The software's ability to customize and assign care plans as per the patient’s health requirements played a crucial role in this success.

    2. Addressing the patient's health needs

    The periodic health assessment feature helped care providers understand the patient's health concerns and address those specific health needs. This feature helped in the overall understanding of patient health concerns and needs.

    3. Increased patient confidence and satisfaction

    The care plan progress tracking feature of eCareMD software enabled care providers to update patients' goals and barriers. Based on these updates, providers communicate with patients and customize the further treatment plan, resulting in increased patient confidence and satisfaction.