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Kickstart your Practice's CCM Program Effortlessly with eCareMD

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Reach more patients

Deliver personalized care

Engage patients with flexible channels

Increased adherence to care plans

100,000+ patients enrolled via the CCM module for value-based care


Proactive Care, Improved Outcomes: Empower Your Patients with 24/7 Remote Monitoring.

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Close the Care Gap, Connect with Confidence

Empower Informed Decisions for Better Care

Compatible with any healthcare devices

Encrypted and secure vitals transmission

100,000+ patients enrolled via the RPM module for value-based care

Personalized Care Plans & Live Vitals feed

Start Personalizing Care Now: Explore Our Extensive Care Plan Library.

  • 150+ Care Plans Ready To Go
  • Build Unique Plans, Tailored for Better Outcomes
  • Assign Perfectly Matched Plans with One Click.

Unlock Connected Care & Real-Time Monitoring.

  • Tailored Communication to Meet Patient Needs
  • Diverse Communication: Calls, Texts, Emails
  • Protected Transmission of Patient Health Data

Improved Adherence, Early Detection, and Lower Costs with Preventive Care.

  • Data-driven insights and analytics
  • Personalized education and support
  • Lifestyle coaching and interventions


Start Your Behavioral Health program with ecaremd.

Seamless onboarding with an initial health assessment

Reduce Crisis, Empower Wellness with Holistic Care.

Early Intervention, Improved Outcomes.

Integrated Care for Better Mental Health.

Track lifestyle and well being

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100,000+ patients enrolled via the BHI module for value-based care


Experience Seamless Transitions with eCareMD’s TCM program.

Seamless onboarding with an initial health assessment

Seamless patient discharge

Personalized 30 days care

Face to face care delivery

Structured documentation and treatment planning

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100,000+ patients enrolled via the TCM module for value-based care

Need Help Choosing the Plan that Suits You Best?

Connect with our Domain Experts to assess your clinical practice needs and choose the perfect plan for your healthcare practice.


Identify Risks, Close Gaps with ecaremd's AWV Program.

Seamless onboarding with an initial health assessment

Take Control with Early Risk Detection

Manage medications and create referrals

Advance Care planning and treatment goals

Increased patient retention

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100,000+ patients enrolled via the TCM module for value-based care

Personalized Care Plans & Templates

One Click to Create and Assign Personalized Patient Care Plan

Easily streamline your healthcare practice workflow by creating condition-specific patient personalized care plans.

Easily Track Patient Progress with Customized Templates

Easy to understand and comprehensive templates to easily access patient information and track progress.

Instill Proactive & Holistic Approach in CCM Program

Care Managers can proactively participate in care services with a holistic care approach for individual patients.

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HIPAA Compliant

eCareMD transforms patient management with a secure, HIPAA-compliant care coordination platform, ensuring unparalleled protection for sensitive health information.

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eCareMD Mobile App now gives your patients and medical staff easy access to care facilities.


Gain clear insights and optimize patient care with our robust reporting feature. Generate customizable reports tailored to your needs, providing real-time data visualization and in-depth analytics.


eCareMD is a unique care coordination software that creates a secure ecosystem for your practice with multiple layers of encryption for enhanced security.

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Empower your practice with a care continuum and do not disrupt your workflow with our 24/7 customer support.

Audit Logs

Enhance your security in operations, administration, and functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A care coordination platform is a software solution that helps healthcare providers coordinate care for patients across different settings and specialties. It facilitates communication, information sharing, and collaboration among various stakeholders involved in a patient's care journey.

eCareMD software offers a variety of programs eligible for reimbursement from CMS Medicare and Medicaid insurance. With eCareMD's Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, providers can seamlessly enroll patients, assign comprehensive care plans, maintain them, and track progress by monitoring goals and barriers. The platform also boasts robust engagement channels, including two-way communication via calls, SMS, and emails. Additionally, eCareMD incorporates various clinical features, enhancing provider-friendliness and improving patient satisfaction.

  1. Patients with chronic conditions (CCM, RPM)
  2. Patients requiring behavioral health integration (BHI)
  3. Patients receiving primary care management (PCM)
  4. Patients undergoing annual wellness visits (AWV)
  5. Patients receiving transitional care management (TCM)

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a technology-enabled healthcare solution that allows healthcare providers to remotely track and monitor patient health. It encompasses several key components, including the collection of patient vitals, the assignment and monitoring of medical devices, the review of patient vitals and any alerts generated, and the utilization of patient engagement tools such as alerts, notifications, and two-way communication via calls and messages. Additionally, RPM often involves integration with electronic health records (EHR) systems to seamlessly exchange patient data and ensure comprehensive care coordination.

Yes,eCareMd has an extensive set of APIs that can easily integrate with any EHR system by mapping their endpoints (FHIR or HL7). It allows providers to exchange patients' demographics, their vitals , care plan and clinical information.

Behavioral Health integration (BHI) is a program offered by CMS for people having mental illness such as depression,anxiety,alcoholism,sleep disorder and more.BHI program of eCareMd facilitate the screening assessment by which providers can determine severity of mental illness and suggest a appropriated care plan to manage patient mental health.

eCareMd offers all types of wellness visits such as Initial preventive patient examination,initial annual wellness visit and subsequent annual wellness visit.It can be conducted through telehealth and in person visit.It includes robust patient health assessment,risk identifications, treatment plan and more.
Providers can bill every year for a single patient for one annual wellness visit.

It refers to services provided to patients transitioning from an inpatient hospital setting to their home or another setting. These services aim to ensure continuity of care, prevent readmissions, and promote the patient's health and well-being during the critical period after hospital discharge. TCM services typically include communication with the patient or caregiver within two business days of discharge, medication reconciliation, and coordination of follow-up care. Medicare provides reimbursement for qualified healthcare providers who deliver TCM services to eligible beneficiaries.

Yes, the platform is fully compliant with both CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations. This ensures that patient data is protected and that the platform meets the necessary standards for healthcare information privacy and security. Compliance with these regulations is essential for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient health information while providing care coordination services.

  1. Vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation)
  2. Weight and activity levels
  3. Blood sugar levels
  4. Sleep patterns
  5. Medication adherence
  6. Educational content

Remote patient monitoring is one of the major aspects of healthcare technology space.As per compliance requirement every healthcare software should be HIPAA compliant ensuring robust security measures to protect patient data, including encryption and access controls.